AUM Energy Management 

Experience Multifamily's ONLY in-house Energy Management Solution

Utility and energy expenses are the third largest expenditure for multifamily property owners. It follows that effective energy management has a major impact on  a property owner's net operating income (NOI).

To help you improve NOI, our in-house energy management team and tailored energy management solutions work together to help you manage and analyze your energy and utility usage, then identify ways to reduce expenses and eliminate waste.

We leverage our expertise in multifamily energy efficiency with the latest processes and technologies to help you stay ahead of the energy curve and save money every day.

Customers. Systems. Processes. AUM. When working in concert to manage your multifamily energy expenses…you have The Power of One.

Energy Management Solution Overview

AUM's Energy Solutions Suite can be customized to assist you with energy management analysis and utility usage to identify opportunities that reduce expenses and overall consumption.  

Simply put, AUM energy management solutions lead to bottom-line savings.

AUM Energy Management Services

By coupling our SCORE software with the expertise of our energy specialists, AUM offers the leading energy management program in the multifamily industry.

We can provide you with the following time and cost saving energy management services:

  • Energy Management Advisory Services

    Whether you are aquiring new mulitfmaily assets or working diligently to improve the net operating income (NOI) on your existing assets, AUM Energy Management Advisory Services provide you with the expertise necessary to devise an energy management strategy that fits within the overall vision for your properties. AUM Energy management Serivces include : 
    • Strategic Energy Plan Development
    • Energy Conservation Opportunity Program
    • Rebate Analysis
  • Energy Procurement Services 

    We directly manage your energy commodity procurement process, including negotiation and management of electric, natural gas and diesel fuel supply contracts. Included in AUM Procurement Services:
    • Procurement Strategy
    • Continuous Service Agreement and Resident Referral Program
    • Interruptible Natural Gas Management
  • Utility Rate Services

    AUM Utilty Rates Service assists you in managing your energy and utility expenses and lowering costs by organizing the massive amounts of data we collect on your behalf.  We ensure you are being charged the most appropriate rate for your energy and utilities.  AUM Utility Rate Services include:
    • Rate Validation for all water, natural gas, and electric commodities
    • Rate and Tariff Analysis for all water, natural gas, and electric commodities, for each account
  • Cost/Consumption Variance Alert, Research, and Resolution

    When paired with AUM Invoice Processing Services, we provide expense and usage variance analysis on your house accounts, and, if you so choose, we contact the utility to resolve the variance based on your directive.
  • Energy Audit Services

    Our Energy Audit Services are designed to assist you in understanding the effect of energy usage and expense when acquiring new assets and evaluating existing assets.  These audits play an important part in determining return on investment (ROI) for possible capital improvements and operational changes, while providing energy efficiency opportunities.
  • Utility Budgets

    The preparation of energy and utility budgets can be an overwhelming task.  Depending on your needs, we work on behalf of your financial departments to gather the required information from the utility provider and create a reasonable and accurate budget for you.

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